4 Tips for a Regroup

This week I am focusing on regrouping myself and getting my motivation levels back up for the final 6 weeks before exams. I'm very thankful to be feeling especially inspired on a Monday morning and I'm excited to finish out this semester strong and keep my grades up. It feels good to be staying organized. Here are my top tips for regrouping yourself and staying productive throughout the cold weather months:

1 // Keep a Clean Room
This is crucial for me. When my room is clean, my laundry is done, and my bed is made, I feel like I can accomplish so much more. I don't know about you, but having a messy room makes my daily to-do list feel a lot longer and less manageable. I make it a priority to make my bed every morning before school and put away my clothes/clean up my room before bed.

2 // Sort & Organize
My school divides our semesters up into 3, 6 week grading periods. Each 6 weeks, I sort through all of my papers and notes and decide what to keep and what to throw away. I have to do a sweep more often than just at the end of every semester, so I don't feel so bogged down. Just this morning, I organized all of my papers in my folders and locker and I already feel so much better.

3 // Stay Healthy
This is something I have been slacking with quite a lot lately. Diet and exercise has so much to do with how you feel and how productive you are throughout the day. I'm putting healthier eating (more fruits and veggies and less sweets, Panera, all things delicious...) and getting at least 3 days of working out in at the top of my priority list this upcoming winter. I'm planning on doing a post dedicated to health and fitness after I finish completing a few goals I've set for myself and have more to share.

4 // Mix it Up
With colder weather rapidly approaching (we had our first snow in the Bluegrass on Halloween night!), it's important to not get stuck in a boring routine. I've been mixing up my makeup routine, accessories, and workout routine lately and it has helped my productivity tremendously. Try a new lipstick or quick Pinterest workout (I love this one) to help boost your spirits. It's no surprise that when you're in a better mood, you can get more accomplished!

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