Anatomy of a To-Do List


I am constantly trying to find new ways to get organized and stay on top of everything. I read a ton of blog posts and search for videos with other people's tips and tricks and what they do. I love seeing what works for other people and I think it's really fun to try it out for myself! Today, I'm going to be sharing what works for me. Obviously, my agenda helps me so much and I am definitely slightly OCD about organization, sooo in addition, I have to make a to do list
every day.
Sometimes, I will start my list in the morning, but usually I wait until last period for what I need to do after school because that is when I get the most work done. My lists aren't just reserved for my school work because that's what I use my agenda for. Here are the steps I follow when creating my list:

1 // School Assignments
I start with the most important aspect, school work. Right now, school is my job and the most important thing, so I include this first. Writing assignments down in my agenda and on my to do list help to reinforce how important it is because sometimes I can procrastinate just a little... :)

2 // "Fun" To Do's 
I like to include fun things to do and switch off completing one of these and a school assignment. This helps to motivate me and to treat myself to something fun after doing important work. Some of these could include to catch up with blog reading, paint my nails, write a new blog post, etc. I highly recommend including multiple break times to break up your work to keep you on task and more motivated. This is something that has helped me extremely.

3 // Things I Need
Usually when I start a list, it really gets my brain moving, so I tend to think of things I need. If I have a project or am planning on baking something, I add those supplies to my list. I always keep my to do list with me, so when I pull it out to check things off, I am reminded of what I need to pick up the next time I'm at the store.

4 // Things I Want to Do
Right now I have an ongoing list of books I want to read over the Christmas break (even though it's a little far off, a girl can dream). My mind goes a mile a minute when I start writing and planning everything going on and it's nice to see something fun to work towards like ice skating over the holidays with friends or curling up with Gone Girl (currently reading!!) by the fire on the same paper as my workload.

*Tip* : I highly recommend color coordinating. If you don't do it, give it a shot with your agenda, list, or class notes. It is truly a game changer.

Creating this list with all the sections (or at least the first two if I'm running low on time) helps my productivity tremendously. I hope you try this out for at least one day and it helps you out! Happy Wednesday! xo

PS. I've been really into reading Lifehack and Thought Catalog recently and here are two of my favorite articles I've read! 
one // two

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