Freshman Advice

I've gotten several requests from my sister and her friends to share my advice for incoming freshmen. High school has been a really life changing time for me. I feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge and changed tremendously as a person from when I was a freshman (which seems like yesterday!). It hasn't always been the greatest, but I've definitely positively evolved. 

Stay organized.
This kind of goes without saying, but it is so much harder to stay on top of things if you're a slob. Keeping your locker and papers organized will you help you focus on what's really important rather than being stressed out about everything being a mess.

Grades are important.
Don't ever forget this! Freshman year does matter a lot, despite what people might tell you. It is important to start out your high school year with a solid GPA, so you aren't constantly playing catch up. I worked really hard my freshman year and it has really paid off in the long run. 

But grades aren't everything.
A bad grade on a test or not making an A does not define who you are as a person or if you will succeed in life. High school is also about having fun and making memories, so don't get yourself so stressed out about grades that you forget that. My best memories are cheering/going to games and doing fun things with my friends. Now with that being said, if you're failing a class or have an important test, it probably isn't smart to go out every night... It's all about prioritizing. 

People do change.
The people that are your friends freshman year or that have been your friends throughout middle school may not still be your friends 3 years from now, but that's okay. Life is about changing and growing and sometimes growth means leaving people in your past. Sometimes it hurts, but it is okay.

High school may not be the "greatest" years of your life, but that's okay.
I would be lying if I said high school has been a walk in the park because it has been really hard at times. However, I have grown up and learned so much. The best thing about high school is that it's only the beginning of the rest of your life. So many times, I have felt so stressed out like this is the defining chapter of my life and that's really not the case. I see now that I'm a senior that this has been the beginning of my journey, not the end. You will go through times that really hurt, but the biggest blessing is that getting through those moments only makes you a stronger and better person.

If you are going to be a freshman, good luck on your first day!!! I know everyone is nervous before their first day, but you will get the hang of things in no time! It is so exciting to be starting this chapter of your life and really enjoy every minute of it because it does go by so fast. I really can't believe I am going through my last year.


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  1. Thanks Baigin for writing this post, as your sister I have been very blessed to have someone there with me every step of the way and I am so thankful for that. This was one of the best blog posts in my opinion and your great!!!!!!!!!