How To Make The Most of Your Sunday

Lately I have been feeling very productive and organized (most of the time!) and part of that is due to my "recharge" on Sunday. I try to take each Sunday to get everything together for the week, so I can go into my Monday with a little less stress.

Do your laundry.
Nothing stresses me out more than waking up Monday and not being able to find clean socks or a clean shirt. I make it an effort to do all of my laundry on Sunday, so I have clean clothes ready to go the next morning.

Wash your sheets.
I don't do this every week, but I love sleeping in clean sheets on Sunday nights. I like to put them in the dryer about an hour before I go to bed so they're warm when I go to bed :)

Plan your week.
I make sure to take out my agenda every Sunday and plan out my practices, work schedule, school work, etc. so that I have some kind of heads up as to how my week is going to go. If I know in advance how busy I'll be on certain days, then I will plan out my homework schedule accordingly. I've kind of changed up how I plan and make my lists, so I'm going to be talking about that soon.

Finish any lingering assignments.
This is kind of hard for me because on the weekends, I like to relax and take that time off. However, I really make a conscious effort to do my assigned homework, catch up on reading, and get a head start on assignments for the week. It really lifts a weight off your shoulders when you go into school Monday morning with a clean slate.

Tackle an organizational project.
Maybe this is just cleaning your room or it could be reorganizing your whole closet. It makes me feel good on Monday morning when I feel like I have accomplished something to help me get more organized. Every week, I try to organize my bathroom and dresser drawers.

I don't worry about eating healthy as much on Saturdays just because I stay pretty strict Monday thru Thursday. Sunday is my day to get in the gym again and eat healthier to get back on track for my week.


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