What I Eat in a Day

I get a lot of inspiration for my posts from my sister and her friends. They always read my blog and give me feedback which I love!! One of my sister's friends suggested I post what I typically eat on a regular day and I thought that was such a cool idea. This kind of goes along with my health and fitness post that I did a few months back. Staying on track with my routine is a huge priority for me, so I hope you enjoy this!

Breakfast -
Typically, my breakfast is the same every day. I either have an English muffin with peanut butter or a little baby sized bagel with butter. I have to have coffee with my breakfast. Most days, I have coffee from home, but if I'm having a rough morning or I want a treat, I head to Starbucks on my way to school... I'm addicted.

Lunch - 
A huge tip I have is to pack your own lunch! At least at my school, lunches are good, but very heavy, unhealthy, and high in calories. For me, packing my own lunch (in my favorite lunch box) helps me stay healthy. My lunch is also generally the same every day. I try to eat healthy in the morning/afternoon at school because I always end up wanting some kind of treat when I get home at night. This helps me stay balanced and healthy without restricting myself from having things that I love (like chocolate and Chipotle). I have a turkey sandwich with Swiss cheese, some kind of fruit, some kind of veggie, and pretzels or a rice cake. Today I had grapes, carrots, and pretzels.

Dinner - 
This is where I mix it up a little bit. I'm always running around at night and after school and sometimes I don't get home until 9:00 so I have to go out and get something. This night, I went to my favorite place in the whole world: CHIPOTLE. I honestly could write a whole post about how much I love Chipotle. Mexican food is my favorite and I like that at Chipotle, I can eat non-greasy, fresh, semi-healthy food on the go. I go here at least once every week. I get a burrito bowl with: white rice, black beans, chicken, mild salsa, cheese, and guacamole.

Snacks/Drinks -
I definitely suffer from being hangry if I don't have a few snacks throughout the day. Some of my favorite mid-day snacks are Skinny Pop, Luna bars, and pretzels. I drink a ton of water during the day, I really couldn't tell you exactly how many ounces. I love tea and coffee, so I have that at some point in the day. I try never to drink soda, but I do love a good Diet Coke so I let myself have one if I'm really craving it. However, I try to strictly stick to water and tea.
At night, I swear I always get some kind of chocolate/sweet craving. This night, I got done with my homework and work early, so I got in bed with my Cookies and Cream ice cream and YouTube! I certainly don't restrict myself if I want ice cream or chocolate at night as long as I have kept a healthy balance throughout the day.

This post was fun to write and pull together and I love talking about food/healthy eating/fitness, so I think I'm going to incorporate that into my blog a little bit more. One of the reasons why I like this post so much is because I think sometimes people try to act like being healthy or fit has to include cutting out things like ice cream and fast food. I consider myself to be pretty healthy and I by no means eat only celery sticks and apple slices. Anyways, I hope you found this kind of interesting and you enjoyed it! My goal is to post twice a week because that works best for my schedule and I really think I can do it. 1 more day til Friday!!!


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