Guest Post: College Organization + OneNote

Happy Wednesday! Today I'm sharing a post that one of my really good friends, Lauren, wrote for me. Both being seniors, we have a lot to keep up with for college applications. I have my own system for keeping everything together, but I thought that it would be really cool to share a different perspective and way of organizing. While this specific post is about college applications, this method and use of OneNote can really be used for anything. 

Hi everyone! I’m Baigin’s friend Lauren and I’m really excited to write this guest-post for you all! Baigin knows I’m really organized so she asked me to guest-write on here and give you all some advice about organizing all of your college stuff! I’m a senior so I know how messy and stressful it can be to try and keep track of all of your college information and the endless list of things you have to do. Trying to remember all of the important information like application dates and scholarship deadlines for every college or university you are applying to without having somewhere to keep all of that information is pretty close to impossible.

To help you all organize all that stuff, I’m going to show you how I use Microsoft OneNote use to keep track of some of my important college stuff. My friend showed me how she used this awesome resource recently and I decided to check it out for myself! I use OneNote as a place to store my to-do list, scholarship descriptions and deadlines, application deadlines, and website links to helpful college-related websites.

This is a sample OneNote I made to show how I set mine up! The to-do list is probably my favorite part because you can click and make a little check mark next to the items you’ve completed. They have lots of different kinds of bullet points you can use like the exclamation point, star, and question mark. That helps me to keep track of what is most urgent and what I need to focus on. Another great part of OneNote is where you can link important documents like your essay or resume by attaching a shortcut like I have in the top left corner.

I also have links to websites that are important like the SAT and ACT websites where you can register for those tests, as well as the Common Application website and the CollegeBoard website. A lot of people don’t know about how great the CollegeBoard website is, but it’s an awesome website that is especially helpful for juniors who are trying to create a list of places they’re interested in but it is also a great way to keep track of your college list for seniors. It has a page for every college/university with a ton of information about each place.

I think OneNote is a great way to put a lot of important info in a small easy-to-read place. It’s pretty easy to figure out if you have never used it before and it also auto-saves so you can just x-out after you make changes! I hope this post helps relieve some of the stress of senior (or junior) year for you all, good luck!