How I Organize and Plan

I really want to start posting more about organization, so today I'm going to start by sharing how I organize my life. I can't function if I even feel the slightest bit unorganized it drives me crazy. This has a lot to do with my agenda.

Last year I had a Kate Spade agenda and my first post ever was about that. This year, I got a Lilly Pulitzer one again and I like it a lot better. I'm thinking about getting this too because my life is getting so nuts I think I need two planners, haha! So first off: school. Obviously, this is basically my job, so I use the day to day slots for all of my homework. I like to color code because I am a visual person so seeing the colors helps me to know what books I need to take home. Something that I've just started doing recently is making boxes next to each task so that I can check off things as I go. This has been super effective for me. Usually, I know all of the homework that I have for the week on Monday, so I like to sit down Monday morning and plan out when I'm going to do each assignment and when I have big tests/deadlines. I like to break them up so I can do a little bit over a few days. I am always really busy after school, so I plan out my workload for each night ahead of time, so nothing hits me by surprise. I use the big monthly calendar spread to plan out my personal activities, practices, work, exercise etc. I have meetings every week for various things I am involved in so I always write those down so I can see that side by side my practices and work days.

The biggest change I have made in how I plan is making a totally separate, hour by hour plan. Some people may think this is a little overkill/OCD, but this has changed my life. Most nights, I don't get home until sometime between 6:30-8:15. I go from place to place every single second of the day, so I have to plan out which assignments I can complete in the time that I have to sit down and work. I give myself breaks to eat snacks, workout, and troll around on the internet, so I don't feel like I'm cramming in a ton of work at night when I'm exhausted. Making an hour by hour plan also helps me to allocate everything effectively, so I can be in bed before 10:30.

I hope this was helpful and if you have any suggestions for future posts, leave them in a comment!

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