My Hope for 2016

For a long time, I tried to set myself up to be a style blogger and share my outfits and favorite beauty products all the time. It wasn't until recently that I realized that, while I love shopping and makeup and clothes, I love writing more. Instead of trying to be something I'm not on the Internet because I think people might like my clothes, I just want to write. While it may not be all that interesting, it is a therapeutic escape for me to be able to express myself in the best way I know how: words.

I have touched on this a little bit previously, but the past six months have been a huge rebuilding period for me. For a long time, I had been letting negative people and toxic energy consume my life so much that when I really took a hard look at my life, it was almost unrecognizable. I was so unhappy, but felt trapped in the mess that I had created. At the end of the summer, I decided that enough was enough. I was finally ready to take control of my life again and that's exactly what I did. This was not easy for me and letting go of the heavy weight that had been holding me down was very painful. However, what has resulted from those changes has been incredible. My life made a complete 180 when I cut out that negativity from my life.

On New Years Day of this year, I made a promise to myself to not stop pushing myself. My life and happiness is completely dependent upon what I make it to be and I want to make it even better. Every single morning when I drive to school, I just sit in amazement that this is my life. There were days last year, around this time, when I couldn't even imagine that things would turn around and I thought that I was going to be stuck in that rut forever. I am so proud of myself and how far I have come, but I'm not finished yet and I can't wait to see what is in store for me.

A huge part of my journey has been because of fitness and, as I've said before, I want to share more of that on my blog. I have always truly loved eating healthy and exercising, but it wasn't until recently that I really became obsessed with it. It has been a struggle for me to really believe in myself and strengthen my mind, but starting to get in shape and become physically stronger has pushed me further than I ever thought that I could go. I have worked hard to achieve my goals and, in 2016, I hope to set even higher goals and reach for something even greater.

This year, I'm sure that I will still share my style because I love clothes, but I'm going to get rid of the expectation I have set to be the perfect person. I want to focus on all aspects of my life, not just one tiny part. As I prepare to make a college decision, graduate, and start my life as an "adult" (I still don't believe that's really happening!?!), I can't wait to just write about my experiences. I wanted to wait until the end of January to post this because at the beginning of the month, we tend to get caught up in our resolutions that some of them fall to the side. However, I am even more motivated now to make this the best year ever.