How to Make Time

The best skill that I have developed in high school is learning how to manage my time. Because I have done many activities and kept up with my school work, I feel prepared for college and being able to balance my social and academic lives. Today I'm back with a post on my best tips for managing your time. The biggest excuse (that I make at least) for putting things off is "I just don't have time right now!" Well, the truth is, it is absolutely possible to make time even when you think you don't have any.

1 // Plan on Sundays
On Sunday night, look at your calendar and see what you have going on what days and what times. If I see I have a game Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I block out time for that, and usually I'll block out an hour or two on Tuesday and Thursday to study for upcoming tests and work on big assignments. Going in to school Monday morning with a plan for the next five days makes accomplishing tasks manageable and allows you to make the most of your free time. 

2 // Set blocks of time
I've said it before, but my agenda saves my life. Get an agenda and write everything down. I usually block out time at school for finishing little homework assignments or activities, which leaves my time at home for studying or writing papers. On a typical day, I block out time from 3:30-5 to be at the gym and 7-8:30 to do homework, which leaves the time in between to eat dinner or scroll through Instagram.

3 // Prioritize
Figure out what matters the most to you, For me, it is important to block out time to workout. So I commit to working out before or after school by writing it down in my agenda. During basketball season, it was a priority for me to be at the games, so I wrote it down and planned working out and homework around that. To me, writing something down on paper means that accomplishing that goal is non-negotiable for that day.

4 // Make the most of your time at school
This is the most important thing for someone that is busy in high school! There are many days when I've had free time or study halls during a class where I have 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to do work. When you are sitting at school scrolling through Pinterest (guilty...), take that time to knock out some work instead.

5 // Make sacrifices
Being productive and making time for what's really important doesn't come without sacrifice. It can be hard to miss out on a Tuesday night game or dinner with friends, but sometime, you have to put these things off for the weekend to stay on top of assignments.

6 // Figure out what works best for you
Learning how to manage my time has allowed me to learn a lot about myself. I work my best in the morning after a little coffee and I don't mind waking up at 5:00 in the morning to hit the gym before school. I also know I can't get a lot done at night after a long day and I have to be in bed before 10:00PM if I want to be a functioning human in the morning. When you learn more about yourself and how you work, finding time gets a whole lot easier.


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  1. Where did you acquire all these organizational skills? I love it/you!