2018 Goals

Now that we are almost halfway through January, I thought it was the perfect time to share my goals for the year that I have already been working on. It is important for me when setting goals and maintaining steady progress to break them up into smaller steps so that what I want to accomplish is realistic and attainable. You aren't likely to keep up with things if they seem too far out of your reach at first. If you start small, it gets easier to work up to where you want to be. I also believe that if a goal is truly important to you, instead of saying "I might try to..." or "I'm going to try to...", say to yourself, "This year I will..." I have learned that this takes the uncertainty out of your expectations for yourself and pushes you to not give up on what is really matters to you. 

I touched on this a little in my last post, but my word for the year is confidence. In the past, I have spent a lot of time putting responsibilities, expectations from others, and other people before myself. Finding confidence to me is not just about my body or appearance, but about putting myself first, constantly making decisions to better myself, being able to speak up for myself and what I believe in, and being able to say no to what doesn't bring positive energy into my life.

In no particular order, here are my focuses for the year and what I am manifesting and putting into action for 2018:

Start each day with a positive mind and a grateful heart: My goal is to start each morning by writing or just taking a moment to say to myself what I am thankful for. When we have a lot on our plate, it is easy to forget how many good things we have going for us. My hope is to find joy in even the smallest things because a positive mindset is so important in manifesting our goals. 

Invest: A big focus for me this year is to really invest in my life. Whether this be investing in quality clothes and shoes, putting aside more money for the future, or investing in quality relationships. My time is as precious to me as my money. Sometimes I find myself wasting time on people that aren't contributing anything positive to my life just because I feel obligated. This year it is a priority to me to invest in the people that truly matter and that are sources of positivity and happiness for me. 

Put the phone down: I touched on this a little bit in this post but I am going to continue working towards not reaching for my phone out of habit first thing in the morning, before bed, and when I am bored. I think a realistic expectation for myself is to spend two to three hours at a time each day with my phone turned off and put away. 

When I start to feel overwhelmed and anxious, stop what I am doing and take four deep breaths. I have already started doing this and it really does help me to center myself and feel better.

Continue to prioritize my health + wellness and get stronger mentally and physically. I didn't make this super specific because it's important for me to remove the pressure on myself to workout 4-5 times per week or eat a certain number of calories and just listen to my body and what I'm feeling that day and week. I'm in a 6 week challenge right now at a local gym that I'm going to post about soon!

Post on the blog once per week. 

Read one book a month.

Finalize my study abroad plans.

I hope that through my posts you find inspiration to achieve your goals and really find that faith in yourself to make your dreams happen.

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