5 Healthy Hacks for College Life

Hiiii friends! I am back today with some of my tips and tricks on how I keep my diet fairly healthy as a college student while still getting to enjoy pizza, pancakes, and dessert (all my favorite things!!). I live in a sorority house so most of the time I eat the meals provided for me, but I've gotten pretty good at grocery shopping on a budget and making healthy choices when I can. It does make things harder when you can't cook for yourself, but I've found what works for me and what I can make without needing more than a toaster or microwave. Having limited options and money make it hard to make good choices, but it is possible to be healthy without being crazy restrictive.

1 // Add things in instead of subtracting
My number one tip for eating healthy in college and particularly if you are on a meal plan in the dorms is to add healthy things into your diet instead of trying to restrict yourself and take things away. For me, this looks like adding as many green vegetables to my plate if I can. If I can't have a super healthy dinner, I can usually add a big salad to whatever I'm having with veggies to get in those nutrients. If I have fresh fruit or vegetables as an option I always try to take advantage of that. For breakfast, I usually try to add 1-2 big spoonfuls of chia seeds (you can read about the benefits here) to my toast or oatmeal. I'm big on peanut and almond butter so I always add a spoonful of that for healthy fat and a little extra protein as well when I can.

2 // Protein
Especially on days when I am working out hard, I really try to make sure I'm getting good sources of protein in my diet. Most days we have some kind of meat for lunch or dinner and there are typically leftovers, so I try to take advantage of that throughout the week, so I don't have to spend extra money on eating out. When it isn't available, I love doing plain Greek yogurt with fruit, adding protein powder to smoothies and oatmeal (this is my favorite), getting deli chicken or turkey, or having an RX bar as a snack

3 // Smoothies
Being on the go constantly, I need easy ways to get in my greens and nutrients. Smoothies tend to be my go to for getting a big serving of greens in because they're so quick and easy. My favorites to add are baby spinach and kale because when you throw them in with frozen fruit and a banana, you can't even taste it.

4 // Watching Sugar
I have the biggest sweet tooth (our chef at the house makes amazing desserts!!), so this is a challenge for me. My favorite time to have a sweet treat is right after dinner when I'm working on homework so if I know I'm going to want that at night I do my best to cut out sources of extra added sugar during the day. For example, when I make oatmeal, I use whole oats instead of instant and I always do plain Greek yogurt instead of the flavored, sugary kind. I find sugary drinks and coffees tend to be a big source of extra sugar for me, so I typically just stick to black coffee and water.

5 // Probiotics
This is a personal thing that I have been doing as I have learned more about the importance of healthy gut bacteria. I don't know enough about it to really go in depth, but there is sooo much information out there. I love having Kombucha first thing in the morning and  I take a probiotic supplement at night before I go to sleep. This helps me feel better and less bloated and is really good for digestive health.

Let me know if you want to see more posts on healthy eating in college as I know it can be a huge challenge. As always, if there are any suggestions, send them my way on Instagram.

Happy Friday! xx

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