What @balanced_baig Really Means

I get questions constantly about what my Instagram name @balanced_baig means and the story behind it. I have been in a mental "fog" lately and overall just really confused about the direction that I want to take my life, etc. etc. Nothing new, as this is something that we, as humans, deal with 24/7 as a part of growing and changing through life.

In terms of fitness, I am very much an experimenter and I don't really know the best way about achieving my goals in a healthy and sustainable way. I have really struggled with being weighed down by the perfectionist mindset in all aspects of life, so by giving myself the nickname "balanced" Baig, I hoped I would get closer to finding the balance that I truly crave. I am a naturally curious person and I love reading, learning, and consuming content, but sometimes I can get lost in the sea of Instagram and Youtube. Every single person that shares their story online is different and they've had a totally different journey and experience than every person watching, so the amount of (often conflicting) information is overwhelming, especially for a Type A individual (aka me) that likes to have rigid structure and guidelines at all times. I have consumed so much information over the past few years that I really developed a passion for learning new things particularly in the health and fitness category. 

I'm just a college girl that shares the same struggles that most women face every day. I struggle daily with anxiety, OCD, and the pressures of feeling like I'm not enough. Lately, that pressure and weight has been so heavy on me and, when I reflect inward, I'm realizing that the root of this is comparison. You hear it all the time: "Comparison is the thief of joy". At times, it goes in one ear and out the other, but, you guys, comparison is killing my joy. I'm embarrassed to admit...probably 75% of my day is spent on Instagram stories watching my favorite people...I know it's a horrible habit, and, while I love these (ultimately) strangers and their content, I constantly ask myself why my life isn't as perfect or amazing. If you really sit and think about the act of watching a 10 second video and tearing yourself apart over it, it sounds freaking crazy and it is, yet it happens all the time, especially with people around my age. The truth is there is no right answer or secret to living a healthy or happy life because every individual is on their own journey.

Although I try to be "balanced", recently, I've struggled with finding inspiration to post because I feel like I have to post that I have my life together all the time and, honestly, it is so far from together it's hilarious. I found a love for writing and posting because, by sharing my daily experiments and struggles, I literally feel like I'm exhaling all the anxiety and thoughts that I have swirling around in my head. In attempts to find peace within myself, I'm kind of shifting my outlook on posting to the blog and Instagram. I understand the stress and negative feelings that come with beating yourself up on a daily basis and I hope by my sharing a glimpse into that struggle, you feel a little better about your own journey to finding that balance. I have so many exciting changes coming up in my life and I don't want to waste another second feeling less than because of what I see on social media, so I hope you'll stay tuned as I share a little more realness. As always, follow along or message me on my Instagram.


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