Thoughts on Anxiety and Slowing Down + a Morning Tip

I am really making an effort to write more every day. I find that getting my thoughts on paper really helps to clear my mind. One of my favorite podcasts is Lewis Howes on The Skinny Confidential and his tips on dealing with anxiety are really awesome. One in particular that I really took away was just simply practicing gratitude. It's so easy, but when we get caught up in our lives, it's becomes hard to remember even just 3 things that you're thankful for every day. 

Practicing simple habits every day can help set us up for success, mentally and physically. If you are like me and have a mind that's always flooded with thoughts and worry, getting your thoughts on paper or typing them is really therapeutic. Today, I'm going to share a habit I've implemented in my morning routine that really does make a difference in calming anxious thoughts.

It's 7:00am and the alarm begins to go off. 
Side note: If you aren't setting your alarm in the Bedtime part of the clock on your iPhone, I highly recommend starting tonight. The sound is much more peaceful to wake up to- it really does make a difference! 
I brush my teeth and then either make the bed or get back into bed and pull out my journal. I just start writing and try to get at least a page (front and back). Write how you're feeling, what's going on in your life, any worries or fears you're having, and then write just 3 things you are grateful for. If I'm especially tired, sometimes I'll just call to mind the 3 things I'm grateful for and write them down and call it a day. It almost sounds silly how simple, but can you remember a time you sat in silence without looking at your phone and thought of 3 blessings in your life? 

Anxiety sucks you guys. When it hits, it takes over your mind and, often, you really can't even pinpoint what is really bothering you. While this is a horrible feeling, when that feeling hits, stop and practice gratitude. There are so many blessings in life that we can and should stop and thank the universe or God or whatever you believe in for. It is crazy how much this has helped me calm down and calm my thoughts. 

I really wanted to share this simple thought on the blog in hopes that it might help you if you suffer from anxiety like I do. There are so many incredible moments in life that we need to start slowing down and acknowledge and I am totally guilty of getting too caught up in my busy life to take this time. I want to encourage everyone to take time out of your day to slow down. Take a walk, get up 15 minutes earlier and write down your thoughts, eat your breakfast without looking at your phone or computer; whatever it is that allows you that time to just chill.

I hope this small tip was helpful to whoever is reading and that you know I'm right there with you in trying to be more mindful and grateful in my day to day life. If you want more thoughts of morning routines or my efforts to be more calm and mindful, follow me on Instagram (@balanced_baig) and let me know.


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