Sorority Recruitment 101: What's Off Limits, Reputations, Social Media, and MORE

Summer is flying by and before we know it, it will be back to school season and, for some of us, that also means sorority recruitment season. Because I have gone through recruitment for two years (in and out of the house) and have a younger sister that is getting close to her college years, I felt like I should use this platform to dive a little deeper into common questions that a lot of people have about preparing for rush as an incoming freshman. To some it might feel like what goes on in sorority life is a secret, but I feel like the more you know, the more prepared you are for the experience. I will admit, joining a sorority is not for everyone, but there are a lot of pros that make it a lot easier to adjust to college life. If you want to read a little more about the basics behind sorority life, click here for my first post.

I'm just going to dive into some of the questions that I got and if you have more questions that aren't answered here, feel free to DM me on Instagram! There are a couple of topics that I am planning on creating a separate post for, so stay tuned for that.

What is off limits to talk about during recruitment?
In general, we were always told to steer clear of the 3 B's: boys, booze, and Bush (which just basically stands for political views). Boys and partying/drinking are an obvious no when it comes to conversation as joining the sorority is about sisterhood. In my personal opinion, you want to share unique things about you, whether that be experiences you've had, what values are important to you, or just cool facts about you. Anyone can go to a fraternity party, so really think about why you want to be in a sorority and make that the topic of conversation.

What and what not to wear?
At the University of Kentucky, we were given two t-shirts for each day of open house and then the other 4 days, we could choose. I always chose a casual-ish dress and sandals. Be yourself, don't go out and buy Jack Rogers and Lilly Pulitzer unless that's actually your style. Wear what you would normally wear out in public. With that being said...
Don't wear booty shorts or crop tops, look somewhat modest. Think something you're comfortable wearing around your dad or grandparents, you know? If you need examples, let me know lol.

Should I consider a certain sorority's reputation or just go in with an open mind?
This is such a cliche answer, but don't go in with any expectations of what you think you will join. I promise that only sets you up for disappointment. This may be harsh, but in all honesty, if you are a freshman going through, you have never been at the school before and you really have no idea what a sorority's true "reputation" is. Make those calls for yourself. Enjoy it and just find girls that you click with and want to be around. If you listen to other people's opinions and go in with a biased perspective, you might not end up in the right place and the experience might not be worth it for you.

Is my social media something to consider?
Not necessarily. Use common sense. Making sure that your social media posts are appropriate is important whether you join a sorority or not.

Is going through the recruitment process really worth it?
Being in a sorority is what you make of it. You can be involved as much or as little as you want to be. Keep in mind, it is a pretty significant financial commitment. Obviously like anything, there are some cons. Is there drama? Yes. Can it be clique-y at times? Yes. But I can honestly say, it has given me the structure I need to really thrive and flourish in college. It allows you to surround yourself with girls that have similar values as you that are constantly motivating you to be your best. It has really shown me the importance of service, friendship, and holding myself to a higher standard. Transitioning into college life is a challenge no matter where you go, but it is helpful to be around people so early on that are going through the same struggles and supporting you. You probably won't find your best friend right away and that's okay, but like I always say, nothing worth having comes without struggle, so everything happens for a reason and works out how it is supposed to.

I hope this post was informative and gave you guys a bit more insight into the recruitment process and what to expect. As always, I am all ears to any other questions or comments you have. You know where to find me!

Thanks for reading. xx

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