Studying Abroad, Hustling, and Struggling to Save Money: Spilling the Tea #1

Hiiii friends! Welcome to my "new" site: same look, but new name. I have been thinking about shedding Class in the Bluegrass and moving the site towards just my name (Baigin Thiel). This is definitely an adjustment as I try to figure out what direction I want to take the blog, but you all can rest assured I will continue to share my health and fitness journey, as well as all of my upcoming travels. So in continuing to share, I'm starting a new series called "Spilling the Tea" where I'm going to be doing just that: spilling the tea. I have like 9 million thoughts and ideas in my head pretty much at all times, so I think it's time to get them out in the open, shall we?

I don't think I've officially announced it on the blog, but this fall I will be studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain to complete my International Business minor from September to December. As someone that has been in the same town her whole life, I really could not be more excited to get out of my comfort zone and have this unbelievable experience. I don't know anyone participating in my program, so this is truly going to be unlike anything else I've ever done and I really can't wait to share these travels and positive experiences with you guys, as well as struggles that are inevitable in adjusting to a new culture and being away.

I have a lot of places in Europe that I want to cross off of my bucket list while I'm there, but I'm still researching and figuring out how I can see all of these places as inexpensively as possible. I am really lucky that I have received scholarships and have my family to financially support my studies, but most all of my travels and personal expenses are on my own dime. This has always been the case for me and I'm really grateful for that because it has taught me how to really hustle for what I want without the heavy burden that student loans and debt can create. Creating goals, strategies, and a strong work ethic are critical life skills that I probably wouldn't have developed if my situation were different, so I'm really lucky for that. Being able to travel and see the world has always motivated me to keep my eye on the end goal and keep hustling.

This past semester and summer, I have really been working my tail off trying to make money, so that I'm able to travel and have these experiences abroad, but sometimes I'm not the best saver... I'm an accounting major, so it's about time to get with the program in regards to saving... This month, I created an Excel Spreadsheet for my budget and it has really kept me on track so far. Summer is a really social time; it's vacation season and I find myself constantly meeting people for lunch or dinner. While I love reconnecting with people and shopping for new outfits for summer trips, it is really important to keep track of your spending, especially while you have a specific saving goal in mind. 

We're only halfway through July, so it is possible that my budget spreadsheet could go downhill from here, but I'm optimistic. If it ends up being effective, I will share a quick tutorial on the blog for how I created it as well as some tips and tricks for saving. If you guys have a goal (money related or not), I just want to encourage you to keep working hard for what you want. It is so satisfying to make progress and know that you earned your results and didn't settle or take the easy way out. Nothing truly great in life comes without a little struggle. You got this guys! Follow along on Instagram (@baiginthiel and @balanced_baig) for a little day to day inspiration. We're in this together.

Thanks for reading. xx

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