Kelsey Boudreaux: All About Intermittent Fasting

A huge fitness "trend" I've been seeing recently is intermittent fasting. I've been casually doing it while traveling just to stay feeling good, but I am super intrigued by the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program that I've been seeing all over social media and IRL... Enter Kelsey Boudreaux! Kelsey was my cheerleading coach my senior year of high school and I'm so glad that we have stayed in touch through social media. This spring, I saw her post her FWTFL transformation (which is amazing!) and, when she became a coach for the program, I knew I had to ask her some questions and bring them to the blog. This is one of my favorite posts I've done in a while, so I hope you enjoy!


Tell us a little bit about your health and fitness journey.
I've been an athlete my entire life. I've tried about every sport, but was mainly a swimmer and cheerleader for the majority of my middle and high school years. I was the girl who put on the "Freshman 15" because my eating habits went down the drain and I never made time to workout. After starting PT school, I gained another 30 pounds and felt really terrible. Fatigued, foggy, and constantly in a funk. That's when I started the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, and it's changed my life forever. A long time friend of mine, Chasity Givens, was posting about the program on Facebook and Instagram. I was pretty skeptical at first and put the cost of the program on my credit card. I had no clue what to expect, but I would do it 100 times over again in a heartbeat!

What are the basics on Intermittent Fasting and how have you been able to incorporate IF into your busy lifestyle?
There's a couple different types of intermittent fasting. The one we follow is the 16/8 rule. We fast for 16 hours a day then eat for 8 hours a day. Some people look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them that, but it's actually pretty easy!! Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it is simply an eating schedule. I still consume about 1900 calories a day, I just do it within an 8 hour eating window. When it comes to digestion and metabolism, your body can be in 2 states: fed or fasted. When we're in a fed state, our body primarily uses sugars (ie glucose and carbs) as its main energy source to burn for fuel. When we're in a fasted state, our body now has to turn to a new energy source to burn for fuel and that's fat. It takes about 12 hours after we've stopped eating to burn off the readily available carbs in our body that we use for energy. After that 12 hour mark, our body turns to burning off readily available fat for fuel. Most people come to me saying "I'm eating clean, but I can't get this weight off!" Implementing intermittent fasting is such an easy way to ramp up your fat loss results.

I live on such a busy schedule that I've termed my life a "grab-n-go" lifestyle. Every morning, I literally have to "grab-no-go" out of my fridge for the day. Whether it be leftovers from the night before, chicken salad, snacks, etc. The key to being successful is to make sure you're eating things you love! You do NOT have to settle for meal prepping 6 days of plain rubber chicken and mushy broccoli. I love food and I love a lot of flavor, so I've found things that I like and that I know work.

What inspired you to become a FWTFL coach?
The success I had with the program was obviously a huge part, but the community I found through the FWTFL was seriously unlike any other. Everyone is so positive, motivating, and empowering! We all have come together to live healthier and more energetic lives, so that we can be the best versions of ourselves, and to me, that's the best part of this program.

What are some of the biggest mistakes/misconceptions about health and fitness that you've seen from others and/or from yourself before starting the program?
"So if I only eat 1000 calories a day and then burn off 1200 working out, I'll be sure to lose weight right?" NO! Under eating and over exercising will give you very short term results, but in no way is that healthy or sustainable. We have to have the right amount of nutrients to function. Severely restricting food and over exercising is putting incredible amounts of stress on every cellular process in your body and it will actually cause you to retain the weight you're at. We have to feed and nourish the wonderful bodies we've been given!

What is some advice for anyone interested in the program and/or just putting their health and self first and where can everyone find your program? 
My life motto is "you have one life to live, don't waste it on other people." This is YOUR life and you only get one of them! Don't waste it by compromising your health. You have to put your health and well-being first, so that we are able to give back to our families and communities. We all have struggles financially, but I promise you that you can work out for $4 a day for 7 weeks to work towards putting yourself first! The program is entirely online- no meetings, weigh ins, etc. I'll be your coach and teach you EVERYTHING you need to know!! You can follow me on Instagram @kelseyannboudreaux and click the link in my bio there!

A huge thank you to Kelsey for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer these questions and be sure to check out her Instagram for her link to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program!

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  1. thanks for sharing! i am sort of doing intermittent fasting, but only if i am not too hungry. it seems easier in the morning than at night, that's for sure. today i fasted 15 hours. i am doing keto (based on all the comments you had on an earlier posted recommending intermittent fasting results weight loss and i have been in ketosis for several days now but apparently after you have been at it a while, you become "fat adapted" and then fasting for many hours or even days becomes much easier.