My Next Chapter & Finding Faith

The time has finally come to share some really exciting news... I am moving to Austin, Texas!!! 

I decided it would be best for me to share all my thoughts about this process, how it came about, and what this new adventure means to me in a blog post. Thankfully, social media has given us all a place to connect and share life updates since we aren't always able to be together in person. I am beyond excited and full of gratitude that I have an amazing new job that is making this possible. On the contrary, this is obviously a bittersweet moment that has all been happening SO fast. (We will be leaving in the middle of June!!!!) To be honest, it is hard for me to talk about all of these feelings and emotions to everyone in my life in person without bursting into happy and sad tears. 

Lexington has always been my home. I love my family, my friends, my coworkers, my routine and life here. But for a long time now, there has been a tiny voice inside of me pulling at my heart that it's time for change. I think this entire journey started in September 2018 when I left Lexington to study abroad in Barcelona. During my time there, I blossomed into what I felt was the most authentic version of myself that I have ever known. That experience gave me the confidence I needed to know that I am capable of exploring big and scary things. When I allowed myself to be fully me and surrender to God's plan for my life, I found that good things came more easily. I realized in Barcelona that there is so much beauty in the unknown out there in this world that I have not yet experienced. When I returned home, I felt deep in my heart that I had lost a piece of myself that gave me that permission I needed to be 100% authentically me. However, real life is not a semester long vacation :) and I began to build a future that was very safe. I was having fun and enjoying my routine here. 

COVID took a lot of the final moments of college from me, but what it has given me is (probably too much) time to be alone with my thoughts. After I read Super Attractor by Gabby Bernstein on a family trip to Hilton Head last June, I was completely unable to ignore my intuition that has only continued to grow louder over the last 3 years. "It's time to change." I knew deep in my heart that this was God literally whispering in my ear that he has a plan for me. I sat down on my bedroom floor at my parents' house mid-quarantine and started cutting out pictures from magazines and Pinterest that inspired me and that I wanted to manifest into my life. I took them all and mod podged them onto a bulletin board. One of those pictures was an Austin, Texas mural. I had never once been to Austin, but over this period, I've just heard this voice inside of me that maybe Austin could be the place. So I cut it out and stuck it on the board. This is another one of those things that is all God working in my life. Fast forward to a spontaneous trip to Florida this February after I found myself feeling so stuck and defeated. It was that trip that gave me the push I needed to realize if not now, when am I going to finally follow my heart? I came home from that trip and immediately began to update my resume and apply for jobs. It was not until mid-March that I actually spoke out loud my plans and what I had been working on to the people closest to me. In April, Drew and I visited Austin for the first time in both of our lives. We sat down at brunch, looked at each other, and we both just knew this was it. Within less than eight weeks of speaking this plan out into the universe, I got a job offer that I knew God had specifically put in front of me for a reason and absolutely couldn't turn down. I knew that this was 100% meant to be. 

You know, COVID has given me time to really lean into my faith and fully trust that I would not be continuously called to do something that wasn't meant to help me grow. A huge roadblock for me in this decision has been my fear of the expectations and opinions of others. A lot of these expectations are solely pressures that I put on myself and it has taken many months of prayer and faith in God to overcome this. I've had to make the conscious effort daily to tune out what other people think is best for me and tune IN to my intuition and my daily, private conversations with God. Finding your faith is personal, but it's been life changing. 

I wanted to make sure that I shared a couple of resources that have really helped catapult me out of moments of overanalyzing and back into a mindset of faith and trust. Sometimes you just need a little burst of inspiration to keep you going.

Source Messages // Ted Talk // Super Attractor by Gabby Bernstein // This Gabby Bernstein video

For those that know me well, an incredibly large and important part of my life is my (almost) 6 year relationship with my boyfriend, Drew. We have literally grown up together and encountered every major change into adulthood together over the last 6 years. Speaking to the theme of finding and being your truest, authentic self, it is one of the things that I love most about Drew. A) That he is so confident in himself and 100% authentic, honest, and true in everything that he does. And B) his loving and accepting energy makes me feel like I can be truly myself when we are together and apart. When I began to feel the constant call in my heart to move away from Lexington, I knew this was something that we would have to work through. Drew, being the fun and adventurous person that he is, was so excited to explore the possibility of starting fresh in a new place together. I won't speak for him as this is a huge life change for him too, but throughout our relationship, it has always been so important to us to cultivate a spirit of adventure and fun in everything that we do. I have full trust in where God is leading us- even if we don't know exactly what that looks like yet. That is what finding my faith has truly meant to me. I am learning that, aside from my relationship with Drew, it is the deep faith that I am cultivating that is giving me the confidence and the strength to do what is authentically me. It is not that I don't care about or respect the opinions of those close to me. It is that, as an adult, I'm learning that I have to follow my heart and do what I feel is right for me. Everyone's path is different and this life is ours to choose how to find our most authentic path. 

I am definitely feeling some sadness right now to end a huge chapter of my life, but if it isn't obvious, I feel so excited to finally be following my heart. The unknown is scary (we've not even stepped foot in a one mile radius of the new apartment), but I know that choosing to go outside of my comfort zone is only going to bring even more amazing blessings into my life. I am beyond grateful for every single moment that has led me here. It is so true that when you look back at all of the highs and lows of your life, you can totally see God's hand in everything and how everything has brought you to exactly where you are meant to be. I am also so grateful for the support and encouragement of every single person in my life. Sending you all so so so much love!

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